We are in a state of war. The hegemonic forces are on the attack every day, murdering, raping and torturing, locking people up or silencing them, destroying ecosystems the entire world depends upon, assimilating every culture, wiping out our histories and replacing them with lies, indoctrinating our children and leaving our old to die alone. This war is upon everyone, whether they decide to fight it or not.

It is one of the fundamental laws of war that when you fight a war by your enemy's rules you have already lost. It is another law of war that when the force of your enemy is far superior to your own, you do not face him in the open field. A third law states that the greatest general is the one who wins the war without fighting a single battle.

We have no intention to fight the state on its own terms. Our strategy is to create autonomous communities outside of the state system, replacing its hold on society wherever we can by building our own institutions and organizations. This approach has many forms and names. Kurdish revolutionaries call it democratic autonomy, American agorists refer to it as counter-economics, European crypto-anarchists speak of parallel society. The fundamental concept is the same.

Education is vital for the success of this strategy. It must cover all the fields of social activity, be accessible and practical. Our academy aims to fulfill a specific role within this larger goal; rather than trying to be universal and deal with everything it has a particular field of focus and the commitment to achieve tangible results.

As such the academy takes an integrated approach dealing with three fields of study: programming, economics and ideology. Students are encouraged to use their skills toward building economic autonomy, to create value that can sustain themselves and contribute to an emerging infrastructure. Projects being developed are built on the grounds of decentralized finance and privacy, which provide a new context for entrepreneurial opportunities, that are uncensored and may be sovereign of state power.